My Forgotten Foods Family Tree Project

It’s important that we act now.  We need to find out about the world’s forgotten foods before they, and the knowledge about them, are lost forever. This is where you can help.

Knowledge about forgotten foods is often stored in the heads of older generations.  These are the foods that they ate as children but which we can’t find any more; foods that were eaten on special occasions; foods that were eaten only during certain seasons; foods that were eaten in villages but can’t be found in the city.

My Forgotten Foods Family Tree Project is an exciting global initiative to translate knowledge of the foods of our past across generations. With such knowledge we can see which forgotten foods could help transform the diets of the future.

We believe that there are thousands of forgotten foods that can help make our diets more interesting, more nutritious and more sustainable. As part of the Forgotten Foods Network, ‘My Forgotten Foods Family Tree Project’ is an opportunity for young people to engage with older members of their family and help create their own ‘My Forgotten Foods Family Tree Project’.  Each ‘My Forgotten Foods Family Tree Project’ will contribute to a written and aural Forgotten Foods ‘Forest’ and associated database of information on Forgotten Foods, their cultural associations, ingredients and recipes.

As part of the ‘My Forgotten Foods Family Tree Project’, young people can use a dedicated website, social media app, recording device or even pen and paper to ask their older family members about their own culinary heritage.

This is how you can contribute to My Forgotten Foods Family Tree Project.  It’s easy and won’t take long.